Glove Pictures

In Knitting on 02/11/2011 by emehkoko

Alright, so I got the pictures of the longboarding gloves mentioned here. So here they are! =]

Picture is a little blurry and washed out, sorry ="


Yeah, it looks huge on me, but that's because I have tiny wrists and hands compared to my boyfriend

I think this picture shows the color best, but it's pretty blurry as well.

So, I hope you enjoy!



Taking a Break

In Knitting, WIP Wednesday on 02/10/2011 by emehkoko

So, while I’m taking a break from studying my butt off for my Biology exam tomorrow, I decided to update this.

I meant to start getting into the weekly habit of doing WIP Wednesdays starting yesterday so I’d at least have a place to start with my blog until I got on more steady ground with my knitting and school work and working out. Well, in the midst of studying for my Biology exam, I forgot. So I’m making a quick, picture-less comment on what I’m working on right now.

I’m using the Dog Paw Gloves pattern to make fingerless gloves for my boyfriend to use for longboarding. (I added a link in case anyone is wondering, “What is longboarding?” so there you go if that’s you =]) I’m using some beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn in 800 Tiziano Red. However, when you click that link and look at the colors, what I’m using looks more like the 801 Boticelli Red. Maybe I got one that was mislabeled because the colorway that it said was 800 Tiziano Red. Oh well, doesn’t matter, but that’s what it looks like and what I’m working on.

Also, I will either post a few pictures of the fingerless gloves mentioned above either tonight or tomorrow. Depends how the studying goes tonight.


Hello world!

In Uncategorized on 01/29/2011 by emehkoko

Alright, just a little… About what this blog is about. I hope to keep this just to my knitting and crocheting. Hopefully this will encourage me to work more on knitting than I have been lately. It’s been hard to with all my schoolwork that I have, but I fully intend to keep it up at least some. I love doing both and I have taught myself both.

Alright, so hopefully this will be updated two or three (maybe pushing it) times a week. I’m going to give an outline of my plan below:

  • Wednesday– Those on Ravelry that are in The Blog Hub and probably even some who aren’t in there, know what Wednesday’s are for many blogging knitters. It is WIP Wednesday and I hope to do this as well. I enjoyed looking at the blogs I randomly scrolled through of that group’s and thought that would be something to help remind me what I’m currently working on.
  • Friday– Once again, those on Ravelry in The Blog Hub will know what’s coming here. It’s FO Friday and this will most likely NOT be a weekly update for me. If I finish a project, I will most likely update this blog the day I finish it. However, if a (or a few, you never know) projects are finished in a week and I post them during the week (the week in this case being Friday-to-Friday) I will update my blog on Friday and have links to the blog post about the finished project.
  • Some-day-that-isn’t-Friday-or-Wednesday– I will have a “What’s in my queue day” meaning information about patterns that I plan on knitting or crocheting (hopefully) soon. This could also change to “Oooh, pretty patterns I found this week day” We’ll see what it becomes. I know the first one will be a “What’s in my queue day” because I have two patterns picked out for two pretty yarns in my stash. =] So I will pick a day that will most likely be on the weekend. We will see whichever day I have free.

So, I hope this explains my plans for this blog. There will probably be some tangents off of the knitting/crochet topic to my school-work, but I will try to keep those to a minimum, because you don’t wanna come here thinking you’ll hear about knitting/crocheting and then hear about biology or chemistry. Not fun.