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Idea Searching

In Uncategorized on 02/20/2011 by emehkoko

So I shouldn’t be trying to decide what I am going to make with my pretty Crazy Zauberball, but instead finishing the gloves for my boyfriend. However, I am extremely bored with the pattern for the boyfriend’s fingerless gloves because they are just knit stitches with some increase rounds. I’m not even done with the first one because the pattern is just boring me. So I am now doing some idea searching for what to make with my Crazy Zauberball.

First off, some information about my Crazy Zauberball I bought. Here is all the important information like yardage, weight, fiber, etc for those who do not know. Sorry I’m not quite up to typing it all out here in this post because I hurt my finger yesterday doing laundry… Or more like getting ready to do laundry. (If you’d like more information on that, let me know and I can make a post about it if necessary) And so that you know what we’re working with, below is a picture of my pretty Crazy Zauberball. (This colorway is called Filederluft)

Next, what I want to do with it. I want to make fingerless gloves out of it. It’s extremely soft and I love the feel of it and think that some fingerless gloves from it would be perfect. So, I am idea searching right now on Ravelry. What I’ve done so far is I have gone to the yarn’s page and gone to the “pattern ideas” tab and filtered it to gloves, so I have gotten these results. Out of those results, my top three are as follows: (These are not in order of favorites, they’re just the one’s I like in order of where they are in my tabs right now)

  1. Monkey Fingerless Mitts by Michelle Johnson– I want to make the socks by Cookie A as well, but that’s an issue seeing as I only have one skein of my Crazy Zauberball and it’d be awesome to have a pair of fingerless gloves matching a pair of socks, but that may have to wait. (I’ve also been considering using my Serenity Sock Weight by Premier Yarns for this, but I’ve also got other sock ideas for it, so I’m not quite sure.)
  2. Green Chevron Mitts by Tinysushi– When listed in the pattern ideas, this has a project by it in the Filederluft colorway, which I think looks like it turned out pretty awesome, so I’m interested. However, not quite sure still.
  3. And I just realized that my third option is not free and I don’t have money to put down for a glove pattern, especially not $5, because I am a broke college student. So instead of the other one I found in that search, I will instead put a pattern here that I found shortly after buying this yarn and it was my first idea for this yarn. The pattern is Crazy Ribs Fingerless Gloves by Laura Peveler. When I first bought my Crazy Zauberball, I searched for fingerless glove patterns that are not too difficult and I thought would look good with this yarn and this pattern was the first to catch my eye, but I’ve been second guessing it a lot recently, hence the need for this post.

So, finally, I’m asking anyone who peeks at my blog to give me advice! I honestly have no idea what to go with and am at a loss right now and would love some input from others. Please comment with opinions on the three listed above and/or more ideas? It’d be appreciated.



Hello world!

In Uncategorized on 01/29/2011 by emehkoko

Alright, just a little… About what this blog is about. I hope to keep this just to my knitting and crocheting. Hopefully this will encourage me to work more on knitting than I have been lately. It’s been hard to with all my schoolwork that I have, but I fully intend to keep it up at least some. I love doing both and I have taught myself both.

Alright, so hopefully this will be updated two or three (maybe pushing it) times a week. I’m going to give an outline of my plan below:

  • Wednesday– Those on Ravelry that are in The Blog Hub and probably even some who aren’t in there, know what Wednesday’s are for many blogging knitters. It is WIP Wednesday and I hope to do this as well. I enjoyed looking at the blogs I randomly scrolled through of that group’s and thought that would be something to help remind me what I’m currently working on.
  • Friday– Once again, those on Ravelry in The Blog Hub will know what’s coming here. It’s FO Friday and this will most likely NOT be a weekly update for me. If I finish a project, I will most likely update this blog the day I finish it. However, if a (or a few, you never know) projects are finished in a week and I post them during the week (the week in this case being Friday-to-Friday) I will update my blog on Friday and have links to the blog post about the finished project.
  • Some-day-that-isn’t-Friday-or-Wednesday– I will have a “What’s in my queue day” meaning information about patterns that I plan on knitting or crocheting (hopefully) soon. This could also change to “Oooh, pretty patterns I found this week day” We’ll see what it becomes. I know the first one will be a “What’s in my queue day” because I have two patterns picked out for two pretty yarns in my stash. =] So I will pick a day that will most likely be on the weekend. We will see whichever day I have free.

So, I hope this explains my plans for this blog. There will probably be some tangents off of the knitting/crochet topic to my school-work, but I will try to keep those to a minimum, because you don’t wanna come here thinking you’ll hear about knitting/crocheting and then hear about biology or chemistry. Not fun.