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A Tale of Two Yarns

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I had a bit of an inner debate on what I should do for this. I actually don’t think that inner debate is complete yet. Actually, I know it isn’t since I just spent about ten minutes trying to find a picture of certain yarn that I have (however, it’s not down here at school with me) and I just now decided, “No, I’m not going to use that one… I’m going to use a different one.” Well crud.

Anyways, now I know for sure what I am going to do for this one. (Yay, last minute decisions!) What I have come up with is to take two of my WIPS and look closely about what I like/dislike about the yarn for them. The two WIPS I have decided to look at are my Cachoeira Socks and the blanket I am making for my boyfriend. I will start with the one I cast-on first, which is my boyfriend’s blanket.

Yes, I know there’s pink of all colors in my boyfriend’s blanket, but let me make it clear right now that he picked out the colors himself. Not me. (He also paid for the yarn himself, I’m pretty sure.)

Anyways, the yarn I’m using on this project is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Baby Ombre and that is a long name for yarn, so if I call it something I will call it Bernat Baby Cotton yarn because that seems a lot easier to say and it’s a lot less words. So there were some criteria that needed filling when this yarn was picked out.

First off, he’s going to college in Arizona so it’s hot there all year around and he’s not going to want a heavy wool blanket. So I ended up doing a little research (AKA posting on Ravelry and getting some opinions) about what type of fiber to use for a blanket that won’t be too hot, but will still keep you warm. The consensus was cotton yarn, so that is what I looked for.

The next part of the criteria was enough to make this blanket, but not use a lot of money. So we went to JoAnn Fabrics, because I was pretty sure that out of the many times I had been there looking at yarn, I’d seen some huge skeins of cotton yarn at a decent price. Even better, when we went the yarn was on sale, so it cost even less that it normally would have been. I mean, going with the yarn that they use on the pattern (Vanna’s Choice), the yarn costs would have been double what we paid for this yarn. So all was good.

The final reason that this was a good yarn for this pattern is that, I cannot for the life of me knit with cotton yarn. I don’t know what it is, but it just does not work. It does not matter what kind of needles I will use or not knitting tight enough, I just cannot use cotton yarn to knit. However, I absolutely¬†love to crochet with cotton yarn and many people will probably agree with this, crocheting a blanket is much easier faster thank knitting a blanket.

However, that does bring up the only downside of this yarn… I would never be able to knit something with it, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem anytime. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I cannot knit with cotton yarn and will probably never figure out how to knit with cotton yarn. That is fine by me now.

Now onto the second one, the yarn I am using for my Cachoeira socks.

For those of you that are observant, you will realize that I have not made any progress what-so-ever on these socks since I made a blog post about starting them on Friday. Ok, that’s a lie, I have completed another row, but that’s not so obvious and definitely not much. I’ve been more focused on school work than knitting this weekend sadly.

Anyways, the yarn I am using on this project is Malabrigo Sock Yarn. Yes, I am oh-so-original to be using sock yarn on a sock pattern, haha. Unlike the last one, this yarn was not picked out for this project. Actually, my boyfriend had picked out this yarn (yeah, he has good taste in yarn, doesn’t he?) for a pair of fingerless gloves that I was supposed to make him. However, those fingerless gloves were being done very slowly (like progress was going slower on them than it is on his blanket) and then he came to visit and told me to just rip them and use the yarn for something for myself. So really, I picked the pattern for the yarn… After attempting another pattern with it.

I’m going to make it clear here that there was nothing wrong with the yarn to make me not want to make the fingerless gloves for my boyfriend. I actually really really wanted to make those gloves. However, I was busy with school work (so much exams and studying and homework) that I had no time to knit and when I did have time to knit, I did not want to just do stockinette row after stockinette row. It got boring very quickly. If I had been making the gloves using a different pattern that had some lace or ribbing or something in it, I would’ve been fine. (And I fully intend to have some gloves made for him for next winter, but he doesn’t know that yet… Until he reads this which he may)

Now back to the main focus, the yarn. I am in love with this yarn! Seriously, it is extremely soft and comes in some gorgeous colorways. This skein was actually labeled “800 Tiziano Red”, but when you look here at Malabrigo’s website’s page for their sock yarn you may be able to tell from my picture that this looks a lot more like the “801 Botticelli Red”. I’m not sure whether mine was mislabeled or just dyed much differently than the picture looks. But this is nothing to me, just something I noticed and thought since I’m making a post focused on yarn, I can definitely bring that up.

When I was asking people for opinions on what this yarn may want to be, I was told to not make socks with it. My brain immediately went “Wait, wha…?” The reason for this was that supposedly this yarn, when worn feels so soft that many have been afraid they are going to easily wear a hole in the socks. So it was recommended that I make fingerless gloves with this yarn. However, once I had seen the Cachoeira socks pattern,¬†I understood exactly what people meant when they say the yarn tells you what it wants to be. I knew that moment the pattern caught my attention, this exact 440.0 yards of “800 Tiziano Red” that looks like “801 Botticelli Red” Malabrigo Sock yarn wants to be made into these socks. I decided that I will find out myself if it is a bad idea to make socks out of this yarn and to each his/her own opinion, but this skein definitely wants to be these socks there is no doubt in my mind.

For both of these yarns, I suppose you may say that I don’t have a “complete” opinion on them yet. Once the projects are complete and the items have been used a bit, I will have more of an idea how I like the yarns. But for now, this is how I see these two yarns and this is a complete enough idea for Day One’s post for the 2nd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. (Even better, unlike my other posts, this doesn’t only have knitting, it has crocheting in it too!) Please leave input and all if you will on my blog or just this post or the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week even if that is what you wish. Thank you for reading this, even though I know it’s long. I’m happy I’ve at least gotten one post for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week done! I’ve officially participated some!