About Me

Alright, so a brief “About Me” since I’m kinda “meh” on having to make this page.

After reading this thread in a blogging group on Ravelry, I decided that for those who would like it, I’ll put where I’m from. I’m from Indiana and am still living in Indiana for college, just three hours away from where I’m from.

I’m in college. My major is Chemistry Education and my minor is Biology Education, so if I fail to update that may be due to tests. I will try to give you a warning if that happens.

I’m on ravelry, my name is Kokoem on there. Feel free to add me on there if you have an account, just inform me that you’re adding me ’cause you have been stalking my blog… Or something like that. ;]

Oh, I almost forgot to explain the title. On ravelry, someone started calling those who knit and crochet “Critter”s. This caught on and there is now a group on ravelry about fiber critters. So that is where I got my “Kokoem’s a Critter!” title.

And I think that is all. If you think I should put something else up here that you are confused on or just wanna know, leave a comment and I can do that. =]


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