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In Crafts, Knitting on 03/25/2011 by emehkoko

I cast-on the Cachoeira socks on Tuesday! I needed to sorta turn my brain off for a short period of time while studying for my Biology exam (which was Wednesday), so decided “Socks!” I never made this “I cast-on!” post because I didn’t feel like I was far enough along to get a good picture of how everything looks so far. Needless to say, I’m still not very far along and won’t be making any speedy progress on these socks anytime soon, but they are coming along. [Those on Rav, there’s a little more information here on my projects page for these socks.]

I haven’t gotten to the pattern yet, but will be starting it starting with the next row, which means “I finished the cuff! Yay!”


Here is a picture of the cuff =)

I was honestly very pleasantly surprised when I looked through the four pictures I took that one came out so well that it actually shows the details! Seriously, some may even be able to tell what the pattern is just by looking at this picture! So I’m very pleased to say the least. =]

Oh, one more thing. For those that don’t know about it, the 2nd Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week starts on Monday! I’m hoping to be able to put something up on every day (I’m about to start working ahead a little bit after I do a bit of homework) So check it out if you haven’t yet. =]


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