I Be Back!

In Knitting on 03/17/2011 by emehkoko

Alrighty! I’m back! I’ve been gone and busy as all get out.

Anyways, my boyfriend told me to go ahead and rip the fingerless gloves I’ve been working on (very slowly) for him and make something else. So I’ve decided on these socks from Knitty. (The link that says “these” goes to the pattern on Ravelry. The link that says “Knitty” goes to the pattern on Simple right?) I decided on the Cachoeira socks because they look difficult enough to keep me entertained and learning something, but seem simple enough they won’t take too much brain power. So yay! New sock pattern in my queue!

However, I now have an issue… If you look in that link that goes to my queue, I also have yarn for the Crazy Ribs Fingerless Gloves and that’s not the only issue! If you look at my Ravelry project page, you’ll see that I have three WIPS. One is a cotton blanket for my boyfriend that needs quite a bit of work still. One is a bag to be used for projects that I got in a kit from Knitpicks. That one’s not too much of a priority, but is very slow-going and good for majorly mindless knitting. (Seriously, it’s just knit stitches in the round, kinda boring) And finally are my in-progress Dragonfly Socks, which have been in progress for a long time. I mean, since I started them I’ve been a little on and off knitting (due to how busy I am) and these have been on and off my main focus. I’ve got one sock done, which was finished last summer and the other partly started.

And this leads me to why all of the information in the above paragraph is issue-ful. (It’s my blog, “issue-ful” can be a word if I want it to be. I also say this when I talk.)

  1. I’m not 100% sure if I want to have two sock patterns going at once, because one (most likely the Dragonfly Socks) will be put o the back burner)
  2. I should know better than to cast-on two projects at once. Plus, later I can cast-on the other if I need, so I need to save one in case that has to happen.
  3. That blanket for the boyfriend, needs focused on. So there’s another reason to why only one can be started.
  4. Which one do I cast on?!?!?!

I think that’s all that needs to be listed there under the “issue-ful” category. So next, I’m going to make a poll that I will keep open until I make up my mind. The votes on the poll (if there are any) will be taken into consideration, but I’d like to know what you all would do.

When I added the poll, I realized there’s a lot of words in this post so far! And I’m guessing some of you don’t wanna look at a post and see tons of words. So I’m going to go grab some pictures of the pretties I want to cast-on and put them on here. =]

The pretty socks I wanna make.

The pretty/awesome fingerless gloves I wanna make.

And that’s all for now. =] I hope I get some input by the time I’m back from Zumba. I’m leaving in about 10 min & will be back in about an hour & a half. I may edit this when I get back from there or I may just work on reading (I should do that) or I may just start the frogging (rip-it rip-it) of the no-longer-gonna-be-boyfriends-fingerless-gloves so I have my Malabrigo Sock Yarn free. That’d be smart too. We’ll see! =]

A bit of edits less than 5 minutes after posting this… One, I clicked my like button because I was curious what it looked like when someone likes the blog posts on here and I can’t undo it. Oops. Two, I forgot what two was… I’ll probably be back to add three (AKA me remembering two.)


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