Stupid Freakin’ M1R

In Knitting on 02/17/2011 by emehkoko

So, I’m making the boyfriend fingerless gloves, as my last three posts have said. Well, here is what the increase round tells me to do:

increase round: Knit to first marker, slip marker, M1L, knit to end of 2nd needle. On 3rd needle knit to 2nd marker, M1R, knit to end of round.”

No problem, right?


I can do the M1L fine, but the M1R never works and always looks all screwed up and a mess. I don’t get it. I’m following the video on the Increases page and it just never looks right. So after trying about five times every time I come to the increase round, I give up. However, next increase round, what will I do? I’ll try and try and try until I’ve tried five times and gotten pissed with the stupid M1R again.

Every time.

That is all for my knitting rant. =]


2 Responses to “Stupid Freakin’ M1R”

  1. I get crazy over things like this too! For me, I have to write down how I M1 – otherwise I forget half-way through my project… did I kfb to make one? did I yarn over? did I knit from a stitch below?

    Here’s a tutorial with photos for the M1R, in case that helps 🙂

    • I look up how to do it everytime, which isn’t a problem, problem is it just never seems right.

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